"About Last Night..." Gia Finds the "Moment"

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Did you ever have a moment, just one moment where you thought you instantly fell in love? Where the world around you seemed to collapse and quiet and all you can here is the sound of his voice, and the brilliance of his smile? It happened here, at Gemini Bistro, in the heart of Lincoln Park, we were discussing my meatball recipe, of all things.
"So is it psshht psssht or psssssshhhhhht pssshhhhhht?" he asked to clarify as I described the amount of Worcestershire sauce I carefully poured into my meatball concoction. His eyes smiled at me, and his face lit up. You can't fake that, but you sure as hell can over analyze it.
So where was I? Oh right, Gemini Bistro. See, here's the thing about this sleek and inviting place...you can easily get lost in it. The dark wood, leather booths, and Edison style lighting (shown in pic - not just me having a brilliant thought!), make it very cozy and inviting, for just the perfect date to fall in love, or perhaps just discuss the egg to meat ratio in making the perfect meatball. Either way, this place is delightful. It's sexy, and the contemporary American cuisine is unique and offers a great variety of dishes.
With the potential of love on the brain, or perhaps a hankering for meatballs, I started with the soft shell crab appetizer (shown with my happy smiling face in the picture). Breaded and fried to absolute perfection it was tender, juicy and was mild and delicious. The Entrees included the Alaskan Halibut which was light, and fresh with braised celery, morel mushrooms, and fava beans. The Roasted Salmon was crispy on the outside and tender on the inside with savoy cabbage, and a tangy coriander vinaigrette.
Delish. Absolute Delish.
For desert we opted to share the Key Lime Pie. As our forks swirled, clanked, and met in the middle it was clear to me that Gemini Bistro would always have a special place in my heart.
Oh, I should mention two very unique drinks, and really, I just love the names of these drinks...the Heater, and the Squirtsky. I would like to have the job that gets to name drinks, and OPI nail polish. My color would be the coolest, deepest shade of red and I would call it the "Flame Thrower".
Ahhhh love....it's got me all off my game. Now what?

Until next week!
Gemini Bistro is located at 2075 North Lincoln Ave, Chicago, IL 773.525.2522

In these photos: Gia Claire, Professional Bloggess

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