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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sushi is deliciousness in my opinion. Clean eating, non-gluttonous, and perfect with a great non-filtered sake before going out. There are many sushi options in our fine town but few that take sushi to the next level. Macku artfully manages to balance savory and sweet flavors with intention in each bite that chef Macku Chan creates while teasing the eye and the taste buds with a beautiful presentation on each plate. Starting with a slightly soggy and unsalted Edamame, I was admittedly apprehensive about what lies ahead. My next course however was a beautifully poured aromatic white asparagus soup that definitely left me wanting for more. The hamachi was not just tossed on a plate, it was nicely placed on a flower of red beets and pureed microgreens-clean, flavorful, and delicious. The tuna tartare was to die for served up on the spicier side with avocado and I hope it becomes a permanent fixture on the menu, get it now while on special!
The mackarel had been depleted for the evening, bummer because I was there for a 7:00 seating, and the substitute recommendation of fly fish tasted gamey-not bad-just not what I expected to taste. The Maki rolls were straightforward, the rainbow roll looked lovely but I was too full to eat a bite. I was hoping for desert but was too full, just kidding, just went for the Mochi but noticed that some of the desserts made their way over from Kaze-the previous sushi stop of Chef Chan.
Service was exceptional, and no one said a word, shut off the music, or turned off the lights while I gabbed away with my friend -the last two people in the joint-until 10:45!
Walk ins beware-even on a Tuesday night at 7:00 I need a reservation, or expect to be waiting awhile!
Macku, 2239 N. Clybourn-773-880-8012-Open Daily 5pm-Close

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